Monday, July 19, 2021


A genius of our own solutions thinking actions dilutions confusions alone so flows scientist poet shit hits that scoop into truths over the fence called it part of our bliss breathing in your soul hard some time God faith contradiction fact kind mind ends hate love into faith party no political beats our souls A smoking good shit legal weed freed at last boom I will drink to that flowing inside my body wet swimming beings sperm into egg way humans sway future vegan ways infinity ecology energy mind pure is the more

Sunday, June 20, 2021


We are all wooded living today sleeping in our windows healing some safe from the storms long winds next pure mind in water mist to belong is strong overcomes this wrong no norms in takes making fates great wisdom a conviction good wins karma songs standing the best we can strong rights over wrongs evolution in the night creatures sleeping right next to your thoughts in all that substances brought it boom cosmic walls tecknology zooms who survives setting it free ecology Poets alive see be your inner sun storming loving me for me neurodiversity



Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Love born out of pain playing the same feelings under skin real vibrations flowing wind begins within ways to cope a system tokes some high THC CBD legal weed joints from the sky before my time why activist poet artiest brat society fat heart attack pollutions warming storming pandemic so it went doing a stent inside earths body and soul evolution growing old wisdom unfolds what is left time to rest into best no gender please words for me good vibes sounds ecology solar energy frees ways to relax vegan fact when you go over that om made bridge into the light out of the darkness into vegan bliss awareness it's something new vegan through compassion be another wild creature hear all nature talking to you with their own words

Sunday, May 23, 2021


You can’t go back in time just try to ease your mind and find that sweet spot that says it will someday it becomes a laugh a situation comedy that passed just a task that needed to be done a zooming traffic jam from hell time will tell but you did survive that MENTAL  pain though it still remain you just got to live with some bad shit and get with its meaning lesion learned society climate warming burned ecology  learns to become the norm to heal our mother earth and all of nature’s wrongs vegan way to exist when you can make do with its reality what fun everything in moderation no one is perfect  we all just try our best and try to clean up our inner and outer mess  part of art existence into the flow about a UFO im not from here im from a future where utopia is the way so us who are free pray and feel the burn to learn and improve groovy on this bench of life

Friday, May 14, 2021

Kundalini Awaken Age

Blowing the mountain up instantly media creation ZataRs awaken art on a spectrum all different kinds of souls old control different degrees of help helping each other existence sending loves vibrations on the cross hold the path war or peace in the center we can laugh at olden ways know MORE picking on another things awaken thinking we are better ok in and of itself family helps loves just a booming reality Godtism in us all some on a faster call O it is nice to be nice softer ways pray karma Mother holds a fate creates fathers make it me

Sunday, May 9, 2021


Killing ticks humanist walking to a secret field were souls run free down that trail eternity finds our trip even if ther is so MUCH mud on that path and you need to laugh under an umbrella full of invisible hugs Fighting for the right to run free inside our space set to be a moment exchanges your contacts for liberation vegan amazing facts compassion at being with other’s o so very real INTA action beautiful jumping up on souls don’t mind it startled them a bit body bound invisible sound never heard before from our inner creatures apart yet art in saying love to all a Dogs of a mixed breeds all with different needs 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Godtism everyone got ther thing ther karma fact accepting that different ways of being seeing hearing dreaming attractions one two three ok get off that ride be nice all right on tone get blown away to coping dreams casting magic last blast bliss this too shall pass life finding what works to keep you cool inner school to just walk away play that part become your living art make it jump a bunch of memories at this moment being love starts a dream taking action fun screams laughing passing dancing balance control mediations constantly holds inside minds effects  eating right sets up the next prayer awakens in being happy Vegan reality