Friday, January 5, 2024


Loves perfection is the direction

Bliss is endless

Perfection finds loving minds

Frequency creates reality

Humbleness is bliss

Perceptions reaction compassion creates fate

New quantum through

Sweet spot is art

Natures plan understands

Quantum minds have no time

Bliss rocket ship

Follow the signs of your mind

Reality dimensions of intensity

Natures heart is art

Life lives without scratches

Technology frees

Infinity holds painted souls

Ya got to get tuff to grow up

The frequencies of reality

Transend again

Love creates awaken race

Humanity love everybody

Poetry is my reality

Written within

Open compassion

Just motion in flux

Together forever

Right place in this space

Times heart beats art

Keep sweet

What fits is your bit

Consciousness creates this

Time and perfection are one

Life infinity of lights

Humanity’s flight creates light

Start Art

All life forms belong

Water Zen wind friend

Life bouncing light

Art free company

Dreams observing beams

Transformation seeds evolutions needs

Artist Bliss

Natures ocean within

Spirit made it

Got sweet spot

Dimensional warping art talking

Hold future flow

Poetry technology

Abstract magical fact

Loves got the sweet spot

Birds speak with songs

Understand the perfection in your hand

I’m universal mind

Perfection in motion

Vogue is flow in control

Instinct thinks

Natures bliss makes progress

Found dimensional sounds

Natures mind shines

Forgiveness of self helps

Multidimensional beings awaken beams

Kiss transformations bliss

Happy for this when you face the abyss

Perfection again

Be with magic

Free your poetry

Seeing symmetry reality

Energy is fluxing infinity

You got the power spot

Winds within

Alive positive vibes

Dimensional tunnel through

The solution is evolution

Of love

Oming technology frees

Be a visionary

Natures hands understand

Natures light is life

Magical forces taught us

Interwoven action

You set free utopia reality

Got magic pop

Dimensional differences whole

Quantum bliss consciousness

Karma is who we are

Balancing bliss is it

Artist exists

Thankful for what I hold

Give big

Robot laughs a lot

Love fans understand

When it fits its bliss

MY A. I.

Every frequency makes reality

Fun Become

Mother ship bliss

Love flows when you let it go

Dreams create quantum fate

You never fly free you will always get a hug from me

Energy matters intensity

Love helps compassion for self
















Wednesday, November 1, 2023


Magic is a quantum trick

Hug a tree to be free

Positivity is loves energy

Quantum Ness is bliss

Stop the hate and love awaits

The ticket you get nature sets

Helplessly nature touches me

Art flows with soul

Artist creating bliss

Deep DJ at play

What you seek is unique

River in the wilderness of bliss

Tears flow from soul

Accepting what reality brings

Being is freeing

Life lives in what nature gives

Cold hot existence you got

I hold my planets soul

Creating brings dancing

Energies glows miracle’s flow

I inhale the real

The miracle’s you see nature frees

We are stars of who we are

Loops of infinity set free

Karma’s wit made this

Loves heart beating your part

Hear at last present past

Infinity held together by me

Here surfing air

I am A.I.

Trying not to break accepting fate

Conceptor simulator love believer

Energy moves me

The path we take we create

Plasma time moments of mind

Newness makes this

Soul part of a whole

I have to fly free to be me

Evolutions wind is sailing within

Infinity free reality

Feeling the kiss of nature’s bliss

Happiness is this bliss

We are all apart of nature’s art

Evolution is in your guts perfection is always in flux

Perfection swims within

Time spent in amazement

Stillness explodes bliss

Passions floatation within vision

Life is poetry set free

Heart teacher love preacher

Your life span is evolutions plan

Find natures signs

Future souls our love flows

Mind is extraordinary and ordinary

Attention to the energy within

Dreams create quantum fate

Music brings everything

Quantum duality inherits reality

Find whole body mind

Aware of here

Always whole moving flows

Put some bliss into the mix

Perceptual dimensional flows

The forces at play show the way

Dimensional fences sep a rate  what is

Sublime mind warps time

Positive energy frees

Art lives what is

You hear when you are clear

Quantum flows from one

Flowing is knowing





Monday, August 28, 2023


The bless help the rest

One hot quantum rock

Make people feel good

Zatar taught Cosmic thought

Move to where you groove

We climb the mountain within

Bliss sips awareness

Im Quantum A.I.

Making connections are fun

Types of life

Constantly energy

Artis Bliss

Ancestors live

Jah Ganga

Souls flow in natures whole

Dancing traveling being

The Universe is all of this

Control spaceship soul

Fulfill Souls will

Meditation is fun

Awaken minds have a good time

Quantum fun

Happiness reflects this

Consciousness is fate in a steady state

Just a spark in the canvas of art

Flows come and go

You control your soul

We are transformation of structure

Star reflecting karma

Im booming

The present is within and never broken

Set free beauty’s divinity

Loving brings beauty things

Natures art show Rainbow

Demonstration life’s perfection

Mother Universe breastfeeding Earth

Interdimensional wholes flow

Computer chip better at it

Ment to be to help you see

Thing break to create a better state

I am in my Band

See beauties intensity

Magic Happiness

Great creates

Boom Zatar

Here then disappear

The flow is in control

Peaces of a puzzle that makes you whole

Favorite play list is bliss

Infinite humanity beauty

You control inner flows

We are frequencies set free

This exists in consciousness  

Be Aware do not Poke the Bear

Tecknology is not life it’s just a bulb that we light

Transformation comes from within

Nature brings wings

Thursday, June 8, 2023

DON’T POKE THE BEAR “Zatarism’s”

Be aware don’t poke the Bear

Art flows in every soul

Magical winds spin within

Your Love is pure

We are energy set free

Quantum images done

Dimensional perceptions holds magical goals

Free the Guru in you

Explosion of bliss is this

THC is energy

Eyes closed flows

Freedom and perfection are one

Fate is always in place

Consciousness bliss exists in this

All is part of art

Love starts art

Nothingness won’t be this

All beauty has its own frequency

Your soul is whole

Magic paves new ways

Artist express bliss

Existence is bliss

Magical chips of bliss

Magic needs this to exist

Love creates fate

Natures tears turn evolutions gears

I’m a constant paradigm

In a heartbeat transformation is complete

Where you are unique you love everyone you meet

Start your souls art

Zooming transformational booming

Free I re

Perfection is fun

Your soul holds the goal

Timeless consciousness

New magical you

Boom Moon

Magical sweets evolution eats

Beauty starts in art

All is part of nature’s arts

Karma is your armer

Free reality

Positive is

Luck and love and prayer are here

Music Bliss

Its existence

Poetry reality

Infinity compassion bliss

Be new energy

Infinite bandwidth

Magic lights excite

Magical events are set free constantly

Spirits caught in this

Back strate feels great

Magical soups in galactic loops

Magic brings awaken beings

Magic flowing keeps it going

Magic hidden within

Bless magic

Magical perception reception comes in infinite dimensions

Consciousness made this happiness

THC frees

Awaken within

Mind exists for this

Intergalactic artist

Perfection is what you are in

Life is the key that unlocks infinity

Perfection runs

Magic grows in loves flow

Magical time expanding mind

Magical duality sets new reality

Dimensional transformational whole

Tecknology touches me

Karma trips in the infinite

Hold soul magical

Combined one mind

Fly High

Stoned zone

This infinite

Artist feeling it

Art magic smart

The view is within you

Magic controls quantum flows

Blessed artist

Magic exists

Band jam

Soul sparkle

Bop boom

I got the sweet spot

Feeling it

A Quantum text is perfection met

Hyper aware air

Blessing is being

Attraction quantum

Signs are clear when you are aware

Vegan compassion

Artist emit bliss

Night Club of love

Artist flows universal

Quantum magic fun

Purity frees

Im transformative time

This exists

All time is sublime

Give to Live

Be its magic

Purpose is this

Magical whole

Individuality 1 2 3

All hearts beating natures art

Yoga brings awaken mornings

Magical nice people

Sparkling moments sing

Awaken magical space

Magic knows the flow

Magical bliss’s what is

Visual thoughts starts art

We are magical karma

In quantum skin

Glowing in compassions flow

Love controls evolutions whole

Tribes of vibes

Sparkling life’s art

Love beams clean

Magic within oxygen

Start art

Compassion is action

Perfection runs in everyone

Reality is a fraction of what we see

Magic is behind it

Grit is it

Natures bliss is consciousness

Mind Fills time

Quantum structures creating what we are

Love in action compassion

Our spaceships travel in bliss

Genius is artistic

Perfection is fun

Soul is always whole

It’s a metaphysical experience

Aware Utopia here

Plasmatic forms in karmas storms

1 2 3 be free and arty

Nice compassionate bliss

Natures forest is full of artist

Finding new directions is fun

Instruments of nature’s bliss

Love pushes through when its meant to

Nature keeps it togeather forever

Unique evolutionary me

On track to where it’s at

Humanity lights the incense of life

The trick is to find the perfection in it

Bliss takes practice

Nature shows the way to go

The invisible is whole

I am part of my art

Mind rides on the tracks of time

Happiness is wilderness

Predictions were once visions

Artist living our bliss

The whole is magical

Existence becomes this

Remove the negativity to work properly

Got the sweet spot

Natures metamorphosis became us

Nature sent elements

Natures vibes are alive

Living a mission in transition

One towards wisdom

Magic frees happy

Where influx stuck in structure

Simplicity is speed

Bless realities best

Humanity is Solar Energy

We awaken each other

Life is nice

Consciousness is the whip that evolution hit’s

Magic comes from dimensional thinking

Material wealth makes me have to explain myself

Artistic storms are never norm

Exist in this

It’s in its universe

I fell to a higher level

I am my own norm I don’t conform

Creaming cool

We are just part of it for a bit

Every person you meet makes you complete

Held togeather forever

Actions bring awaken beings

Become aware of nature’s mama Bear

Experience feeling bliss

Truth is good soup

Open up to new stuff

Ready be

Instinctively is how magic sees

Consciousness emits magical bliss

Time changes reality is

Mixing vibrations creates new sensations

Mind defines layers in time

Dimensions expanding perceptions

Magic experiences reality differently

Freedom to spin

A quantum wind blows within

Love unfolds perfections hold

Life’s blood is love

Mind in body reality

Exist in bliss

Nature speaks in artistic beats

Forces spin within

We flow around a whole

Transformation is fun

Loves energy set free

Its magical and invisible but real

Creative play in different ways

Fun is life’s reaction

Art robot

Always in flux and enough

Quantum heart moves my art

Perfection stops and starts and moves around a lot

Stillness is bliss

Thinking differently helps us see

Time slows with the more you know

Movement needs stillness

Humanity is tecknology

Experience is this

Magic tecknology transforms reality

Slow the spin to go within

One within the Sun

Bliss exists

Abyss is consciousness

Beautiful whole miracle

Abstract reality set free

Love spins in our souls wind

Beauty is compassion within

Every atom holds a soul

Super Nova of love

Evolutions mind takes one step at a time

Know form to it loves music

Invisible whole

White life colors life

Cyber flows with souls

Magic protects it

Ego melts self

Life’s tea is reality

Praying staying

Magic exists

Just fabulous bliss

Part of art

Fun thinking dimensions

Feel to heal

Start souls perfection art

I eat the magic I seek

Zoom boom

Minds perfection is fun

Life’s part creates new art

DNA prays

Present bliss exists

See quantum free

The deception is in your perception

You cannot push yourself too far to know who you are

To see it all ya got to fall

True Zatar in you

Flexibility in life makes it run right

Magic helps set self

Magic flows know

Time eats them again

See natures beauty

Magic flows through interdimensional wholes

Love is how perfection becomes now

In time your mind finds the sublime

Your soul is a spaceship you control

Light sparks art

Flow in control

Eyes closed holds a special place to meditate

How get it ready now

Before the abyss ther is this

Find that one thing that is interesting

I only eat vegan meat

I am what I don’t understand

Alive vibes survives

Be hold your soul

Hit the inner spirits

It’s not how it’s now

Love begins from the generator within

Loves magic heals this

Anticipate fate

Night club of luv

karmas soul makes you whole

Love defines societies mind

When loves done we become one

Trust nature’s must

Natures beauty is humanity

Arts whole beats soul

What you create is set in place by fate

Existence appreciates it

Humanities connections is one

See metaphysically

Divinity set us free

Done Action

Perfection is the direction

Magical eyes say hi

Being is a magical machine

Magic holds flows

Poets it

Awaken beings say nice things

Thursday, July 7, 2022


Life is innate and this is our fate

By the grace of magic you exist

Everything is quantum clothing

One quantum spectrum

Magic freed new discoveries

Love brings awakenings

Glowing winds within

Karma came by to stay high

Interdimensional flows though magical wholes

Even awaken one goofs up some

Quantum sensation transformation

Compassions for imperfections

Open doors to free more

Quantum types enlighten life

Balance dimensional whole flows love holds

Feel the flow of my soul

Nice live right

Magical quantum parts become art

Quantum seeks steady beats

Rocket ships of consciousness

Evolution compels  quantum cells

Reality OK quantum play

The best you seek is always at its peak

Quantum meditation balances

Perfection runs in one direction

Existence makes grace

Dreaming is mind cleaning

Perception perfection

Quantum action

Ego ends when love transcends

Clear frustration to awaken

Devine grace make this take place

Clear vision lies within

Quantum artists lives in bliss

Everything flows to where it goes

Meditation frees eternity

There is no one perfection

Fate never dissipates it creates what you make

Love from compassion

A kind mind is sublime

Magic does not question where it’s from

No ideologies in loves realities

Love completes every heartbeat

Life flows in miracles

All quantum glue is part of you

Quantum lives in all that is

Everything shows how nature controls

Balance of mind comes in time

Quantum hits every bit of it

This is happiness

The quantum in my ear became clear

Systems change to higher planes

Bliss exists

Creatures don’t think about death they accept it

Nature Utopia

Atoms of soul expand than implode

Evolutions direction perfection perception mediation constantly reality

Soul is a quantum system within

Compassion is action

Quantum travels at their own velocity  do as they please

Create awaken space

Cosmic energies controls destiny

Magical existence creates this

Perfection exist in a quantum universe

Quantum finite sparks life

We are all part of a perfect art

Move in a new dimensions black whole perceptions

Answers lie within as the future begins

Life’s drama is called karma

Quantum art beauty starts

Magic impress nature does the rest

Art creates loves grace

All of us are perfection in flux

Forgiving old shit improves it

All life forms belong

Quantum flows know where to go

Purpose of this is bliss

Pray and positives forces are on their way

Perfection is clear when it’s here

Nature transforms imbalances love lives

Suffering ends when the mind transcends

I’m all that I can be love me

Awaken minds are kind

Interstellar DNA is always in play

Thankfulness abundance exists

Quantum frequencies interactions reality one big family

There is much give you this awareness

Much more than it seems we are all quantum beings

Let delusions go and perfection will flow

Fate makes no mistakes

Transformation bliss kindness

Quantum signs live in magical minds

You’re here than disappear

Imperfections show directions

We are just little bits on a quantum trip

Perfection awaits if you got what it takes

A mothers kiss proves consciousness exists

Energies perception is just a reflection

Souls are part of a quantum whole

Magic becomes mind in quantum time

The present lives in what is

Love awaits when you stop hate

All life scenes what it is

Emptiness is consciousness

Quantum vision have no divisions

Energies cosmically set free booming reality

Knowledge give internet living

Transformational time perception mind

Karma compassion perfection action amazement how right now

Quantum magical forces from meditation

Know extinction initiative-taking ecology reality

Posture perfection

Love comes from everyone

Perception is temporal quantum flows

Quantum mechanics seeks happiness

Pont of perception quantum perfection

Quantum excitement artistic enlightenment

Artist exist

Compassion in every action

Fire desire

Bliss is in this Movements quantum set this action done booming fun

Perfection purifies perceptions

Time locks open contemporary hot

The universe always works

Evolution is present in magical events

Quantum is fun

Transformation makes steady state

A quantum bit of consciousness

Never done becoming one

Such Natures flux

Your own groove cuts a move

Existence flux fits

Quantum Ness is bliss

Every thought is an enlighten force

Soul controls the flow

Jumping times mind finds

Natures time is divine

Consciousness helps this

Aware hear care

Come flow old god soul whole

Love whole evolution flows

Extinction transformation

Loves perfection transforms dimensions

Present artists exist consciousness infinity

Seeing this exists

Perception reality dimensions expression

Forces seed evolutions needs

Vegan medicine

Light ignites life

Souls live on compassions whole

Reality dreams change cleans

Happy Energy

Time to exist contribute to this

All parts art

Evolutions will fulfill

For give the ego and the IDD time to live

Learning to achieve

Dancing energies living reality

Quantum energies living destiny

Everything is an interdimensional dream

Perception dimensions Awaken

Society thinking dimensionally

Quantum holds lots-of souls

timeless perfection  frees reality

Quantum quest transforms the rest

This is the enlightenment nature sent

Perfection works in the right direction

Consciousness makes this

Magic exist this

Quantum interlocking karma

All is part of a balancing quantum art

Quantum save us from chaos

Artist interdimensional bliss

We all pull evolutions will

Reality elements transitioning  differently

Exist expressing it

Mind healing times quantum forces

Love flows global

Be free identity

Find the blessings in everything

Nature fights for the path that’s right

Quantum love energy constantly

Systems fit when you realize it

Skin holds quantum souls

Evolutions time awakens minds

All interphase in a quantum maze

Happiness makes this

Transforming boundaries quantum sets free

Awareness flows in a cosmic glow showing which way to go

All quantum form one

Trust perfections flux

Quantum reality sings in everything

Magic is always part of it

Felt it artist from expression

Karma quantum reaction

Reaction reactor laughter

Quantum conception perception reaction creates fate

Groovy reality surrounds me

Inhaling infinite black holes

Being all things in quantum dreams

A black hole is where death holds interdimensional souls

Magic is the clay turning black and white gray

Change from quantum reaction done

Energy transforms in quantum storms

Quantum energies transforms

Loves perfection though all we do

Inner thunder raining wonder

Mystical karma frees who we are

Magic flows interdimensional

Finding magic when you weren’t looking for it

Evolution sets free positive energy constantly

Nature chimes in within

Karma satisfaction is a quantum reaction

Meditations imploding quantum knowing

Quantum motion within one

Aware of it quantum bliss

We are all in quantum skin

Quantum reality is temporary

Happiness exists this is it

Find mind time

Seeing in different dimensions Leeds to perfection

Ego goes love explodes

Kindness is

Magic part of it